Officer Profiles (under edit)


 Rod Holcomb
Rod sails a small AMF Puffer with a yellow hull, flying white sails and races as often as possibly.  

"I'm looking forward to a fun, sunny, and breezy summer at SMP.  Also looking forward to meeting new student and club members. SMP is great come out and enjoy it."
Gail Brown

Stacy Orr

Vice Commodore(s)

Gail and Stacy each sail Sweet 16's, Gails is blue and Stacy's tan.  

Vice Commodore help ensure that the races days are adequately staffed with race committee (RC), score the races, and handle awards.
Barry Oberkrom
Sails a ___
David Bulk

Sails a AMF Sunfish
Art Matje
Rear Commodore
Art, as Rear Commodore, is responsible for organizing the social life of the Club.  From parties to outings, Art keeps all Club members moving forward in their social lives.  Art Skippers a Sweet 16.  
John Truitt
Education Chair
Sailing 1
Besides teaching the Sailing 1 classes, smoking a pipe and generally winning races, John sails a US1 with distinction.  When not winning trophies he and his lovely wife Maurine enjoy working the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  Note: while attending the KC RenFest watch out for John's nefarious and ornery dragon hand puppet named Virgil. 

Paul Barnett
Education Chair
Sailing 2
Paul works with Sailing 2 students and has for many years.  When not teaching the finer points of complex sailing, he is winning trophies with some-time crew and full time best buddy, Nick Hockman.  Paul is the skipper of a Buccaneer.  When he isn't sailing he likes long walks on the beach, doing interpretive dance, and impersonating Bono of the rock band U2.  
Mike Fuller
CSSA Representative
In addition to serving as the CSSA representative for the Club, Mike sails a Sunfish and was 2008-09 Club Champion.  His wife, Nedra also sails a Sunfish and has placed in the top 3 finishers in 2009.  He has a lifetime of great sailing knowledge and loves to help out new sailors.  

Steven "Todd" Pipia
Past Commodore
Steven "Todd" Pipia sails his purple hulled Snipe, "The Grape Escape", with a motley crew composed of assorted friends and fellow JCSS members brave enough to not let a little thing like capsizing get in the way of a day of racing and sailing camaraderie. He heads the JCSS meetings and works with the other club officers.   Although a perpetual jokester and all around jovial fellow he seriously loves to share the sport with anyone of whom shows the willingness and desire to sail. 

Bill Peterson
Past Vice Commodore
Bill Peterson, (deftly and with great skill) sails his beloved and immaculately clean Vanguard 15.  When he isn't dedicating his time honing his racing skills with his sons and son-in-law he serves as Vice Commodore for Johnson County Sailing Society.  Bill leads and is involved with all aspects of Race Committee, and organizes all the club racing activities.


MJ Bruning
Past Treasurer
MJ Bruning keeps the Club's finances accurate and up to date.   She and her husband Ken race a Sweet 16 on any given racing Sunday. These high school sweethearts are a great team and are one of the nicest couples you will ever meet. They are an example of why JCSS is such a friendly club.
Kerry Blair
Past Secretary
Kerry is responsible for the recording of meeting minutes and the creation and distribution of the JCSS club newsletter, the Telltale. He also keeps records of the club roster.  Kerry and his wife Cindy skipper a Sweet 16--one of many sailboats within their fleet. Their kids all share the passion for sailing as well as kayaking and surfboard paddling.

 Ed Rojohn                                           Ed Rojohn is the Sweet 16 Fleet Captain for JCSS. Along with Lynn, (his ace crew and lovely wife) they manage to 
 Sweet 16 Fleet Captain                    perpetually win club trophies and constantly hone their sailing skills.  They are regulars in Sweet 16 National events.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
                                                               Ed's passion for the Sweet 16 has fueled the development of the fleet within JCSS and his Sweet 16 knowledge is